“Kudyapi”  is defined by the Dictionary  as an  ‘Old Philippine Guitar’.  
Pork chops and tilapia sizzling over red-orange  embers ... close friends longing for days lost ... wondering how calculators turned into computers and beepers to cell phones. Asking themselves how children would appreciate the basics of everything when nothing else seemed ‘basic’ .  Who needs a teacher with Mr. Google at your fingertips. Who needs to woo the most beautiful girl next door  with a gitara when a minus-one would be  more than enough.  So they say …
Walk hand in hand with your son...sit in the grass...lie down and stare at the stars ..feel the sand slither between your toes and listen to the never-ending waves rushing for  shore.  Close your eyes and then smile, ask  yourself   Wasn’t “Annie’s Song”  so much sweeter  with a guitar and a soft cheek resting on your shoulder?
                                                                                                By:   Nin
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The Classic Guitar -  Series 2005

Text Box: Barangay Tinga Itaas, Batangas City, Philippines 

Tel: 0927-9191914   0916-4248383    kudyapi.co.cc     kudyapi@asia.com

builds his guitars in the traditional Spanish method. Focusing only on concert classical and flamenco guitars, Adolfo prides himself in building only the best guitars he can create. This particular guitar is the first guitar to come out of his recently established workshop in Cebu. It is made from woods and materials that are found only in the Philippines. Adolfo is fast becoming as one of the finest if not the finest guitar maker in the country. He is a true Filipino artist bringing excellence in our country’s guitar making industry.



The Freeman Newspaper, Cebu, April 25,   2005

Classical guitar featured in PPP’s concert tonight The Peace Philharmonic Philippines will feature the classical guitar in its Concert no. 2, “Moments of Musical Reflections” , 7 p.m. at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino Arctic Ballroom. The concert will be conducted by PPP Director of Studies, Prof. Jeffrey Solares and featured soloist on the classical guitar will be Mr. Ivar Nicholas “Barney” Fojas, who will be using a recently crafted guitar from Cebu by Adolfo Timuat. Barney will be playing a Cebu-made eight-string concert guitar, built especially for him for this concert by Timuat. Adolfo is a recognized international flamenco guitarist and composer. He is also a consultant to the master guitar makers of Spain. Adolfo

The 8 String Classic Model Series 2005

Classic -  Model Series 2006

Ed Lim -


Protégé of Maestro Pedro L. Concepcion and Maestro Juan Silos, Jr. 


Three time Awardee—Frist Placer PRISAA KUNDIMAN Competitions


Introduced by Maestro Silos, Jr.  As “Pedro Concepcion Jr.”

Kudyapi under the direction of Adolfo Toyoda Timuat, the only Filipino awarded the title Builder of Stringed Instrument by Spain, Year 2000, is now building concert guitars for Manila and Asia. All guitars are conditioned to strict Spanish standards and played by concert performers and professionals

Luthier and  Flamenco Guitarist

Adolfo T. Timuat